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Fifi Camouflage Male Masturbator

Fifi Camouflage Male Masturbator

Sitting up in your tree stand for hours can get boring. Help pass the time with the Commando Camouflage fifi. If you are looking for the most discreet, best male masturbator around, scout our store for the Commando Camouflage fifi. It is going to fit in perfectly for those of you with a lot of military or hunting gear. People might start asking where you got that camouflage travel pillow if they can even find it, because hello, camouflage.

You will just smirk, knowing that it is actually the perfect male sex toy. Unlike other male masturbators, the fifi does not even need cleaning because it uses disposable sleeves that you simply throw away after the deed. Roll it up tight or keep it loose, and squeeze it if you want more pressure. The fifi`s foam retains heat with use, so it feels better. Fifi is so much better than your hand. Includes 5 disposable sleeves.
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